Monovision Can Correct Presbyopia and Reduce Your Need for Reading Glasses

Monovision is an excellent method to reduce the need for readers. Contact us today to learn more.

Presbyopia is an age-related condition that affects your ability to see objects close to you. This condition usually becomes apparent in the early to late 40s, though some patients may be affected earlier. Eventually, presbyopia forces most individuals  to turn to reading glasses for near work. Monovision is an effective way of decreasing dependence on readers.

Monovision is a customizable contact lens fit used to address presbyopia. With monovision, the dominant eye is fit with a contact to optimize distance vision.  The other eye is fit with a contact to optimize reading. When the eyes are used together, your brain will combine the images received from each eye, balancing your distance and close-up vision.

We customize your monovision fit based on your visual needs. The specialized types of monovision we offer include:

  • Computer monovision: This option is ideal for patients who do a lot of work on computers. With computer monovision, one eye is fit with a contact that optimizes the mid-range distance at which monitors are typically found.  The other eye can be set for reading or for far-off targets.
  • Modified monovision: With this type of monovision, one contact lens is a bifocal. The weaker eye is fitted for this lens to see nearby objects with only part of the lens. The dominant eye is fitted with a standard lens to view objects in the distance. This option helps to better retain your depth perception and provides you with clearer distance vision.
  • Surgical monovision: For patients who desire a more permanent solution, we can perform LASIK surgery to improve your dominant eye’s ability to focus on objects in the distance and the weaker eye’s ability for close-up vision. We recommend that patients start with contact lenses first to determine whether monovision is something they desire permanently. Some patients can also receive intraocular lenses (IOLs) to correct their eyesight with monovision.

If you are in your 30s or older, and are experiencing the effects of presbyopia, monovision treatment may be an appropriate solution for you. This treatment can reduce or even eliminate your need for reading glasses altogether.

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