Is LASIK Safe?

Since the FDA approved LASIK in 1999, approximately 10 million people in the United States have undergone this eye surgery. Currently, approximately 700,000 Americans have LASIK eye surgery every year. When we look at a global perspective, over 30 million people have had LASIK eye surgery. That’s a lot [...]

June 20th, 2022|Lasik|

What is the First Sign of Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is a category of common eye diseases that affect over three million Americans and more than 80 million individuals around the world. This progressive disease causes damage to the optic nerves. If no actions are taken to treat the disease, glaucoma can lead to blindness. What Causes Glaucoma? In [...]

June 3rd, 2022|Eye Conditions|

Pinguecula FAQs

Let's take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions we get about pinguecula. If we don't address your specific question here, don't hesitate to contact us. How to Pronounce Pinguecula Before we get into the details about pinguecula, let's start with how to say it. It's pronounced [...]

April 21st, 2022|Eye Conditions|

Can Presbyopia Be Corrected with LASIK?

Understandably, we get a lot of questions regarding LASIK. With around 700,000 LASIK surgeries performed every single year, it makes sense that individuals are asking questions and covering their bases before making the decision to move forward with LASIK or not. Let’s take a look at a common question we [...]

March 10th, 2022|Eye Conditions|

Is Blepharitis Contagious?

According to a 2013 study, blepharitis affects nearly 30 million Americans. Almost ten years later, that number is likely even greater now. Keep reading to learn about this common eye condition and whether or not it is contagious. Is Blepharitis Contagious? No, blepharitis is not contagious, unlike other eye conditions [...]

February 21st, 2022|Eye Conditions|

What are Macular Holes?

Macular holes are a rare eye condition that affect about eight out of every 100,000 people. But before we talk about macular holes, let’s discuss what a macula is. The macula is part of the retina, and it is essential to our central vision and color vision. Additionally, the macula [...]

January 27th, 2022|Eye Care|