Broberg Eye Care Patient Reviews

We understand how important eye care can be, and we make it our utmost priority to make sure you not only receive great care for your eyes but also quality customer services. Take a look at what other Austin eye care patients have to say.

“Front office staff was professional and timely. Doctor was attentive, listened to my issue and asked clarifying questions. Exam seemed fine (naturally I am not qualified to evaluate the quality of the exam itself). I would recommend this office for eye care.”

John K.

“Quick efficient staff. Great Covid precautions.”

Linda L.

“Great doctors. I first visited Dr. Broberg and Dr. Settle some years ago when I had a tiny abrasion on my cornea which was causing me intense pain. The doctors got me sorted out and all fixed up. I’ve visited again since then for a couple of eye exams and (like Tara M.) a last minute appointment for Iritus (which I’ve had a couple times before).”

Steven N.

“Best eye doctors in Austin. Highly recommend.”

Jacques L.

“On this day of Giving Thanks for what we are Thankful for, I would like to Thank Dr. Broberg and his staff for my vision or more simply, my ability to see out of my left eye today. Last weekend I woke up feeling like I had a migraine isolated in my left eye. I had all the symptoms of a migraine in my eye: severe light sensitivity, pressure pain and PAIN in my eye! After the Emergency Care clinic told me my eye condition was NOT pink eye and that I needed to go to an Opthamologist….I Google searched “Opthamologists Austin” and found Mary E.’s Yelp review. I called and was able to get an emergency appointment the next day with Dr. Broberg even given the short week of Thanksgiving. My eye was diagnosed with iritis. Dr. Peter Broberg gave me a week’s worth of Durezol steroid sample ($104 value) and his assistant was super helpful when I called, worried about the side effects. And the emergency visit was only $105!”

Tara M.

“Best Eye Doctor EVER, his staff is wonderful and most helpful.”

Susan F.

“All staff are super friendly and make you feel comfortable. Wouldn’t hesitate sending friends and family here!”

Erin M.

“Friendly staff, respectful, and thorough exam, taking all the time needed.”

Leticia C.

“Dr. Broberg is amazing. Thorough—doesn’t rush. Very intelligent doctor and extremely kind. Location & parking are convenient. Great with all ages, including elderly folks.”

Barbara S.

“After 6 plus years somewhere else, I wasn’t feeling good about my previous eye doctor. I am glad I went to Broberg Eye Care!”

Steve W.

“Professional, caring, and friendly service. Excellent COVID-19 precautions with minimal stress. Thanks!”

Shannon B.

“I recently went to see Dr. Broberg for the first time after going to an optometrist and after a long office visit, I was told my vision could not be corrected in my right eye and they didn’t know why. After being examined by Dr. Broberg and receiving a new prescription, my vision is corrected and I can see better than ever. The doctor was amazing on diagnosing my correction and finding out why my vision had changed. I would highly recommend him from my experience.”

Craig C.

“Broberg has been my doctor since 1985. He is the best.”

Judi W.

“Everything from the ladies at the reception desk, to the tech who conducted my exam, and especially Dr. Settle’s expertise and bedside manner were great.”

David C.

“Really great doctor. Took the time to thoroughly answer all questions and put all concerns at ease. Would definitely recommend.”

Michael B.

“Even though I was a new patient they treated me like I was their best well established patient and went out of their way to take care of me.”

Rayfes M.

“Dr. Ximena de Sabra has been my ophthalmologist for ten years. She and the Broberg Eye Care staff are efficient, thoughtful & caring. I appreciate Dr. de Sabra’s experience & expertise. The COVID-19 precautions are very good.”

Tobi T.

“The doctors and staff are all really helpful. They quickly diagnosed my condition and I am on my way to recovery.”

Digna W.

“Everyone I’ve had dealings with at Broberg Eye Care in my two visits has been professional, friendly and caring. From Monica at the front desk, to Roxanne, the Technician and the fantastic Dr. de Sabra, my experiences have been great! I’d definitely recommend them…and have!!”

Sandy D.

“Dr. Settle was very thorough and patient with my exam and explained my particular issues so I had a clearer picture of the corrections needed. Everyone at Broberg was friendly and helpful. Wait time was minimal and the waiting room was arranged to allow good social distancing.”

Rick P.

“Dr. de Sabra has been my ophthalmologist for almost 10 years now. She has consistently impressed me with her expertise, kindness, and caring—all the qualities I hope for in a physician. And the staff have all been pleasant, competent, and efficient. The office functions like a well-oiled machine, with little wait time required of patients.”


“My exam went smoothly with the eye technician and she made me feel comfortable going through the exam procedures. Dr. Settle discussed any concerns I had and gave me feedback from my exam. He’s such a pleasant guy and makes you feel positive about having your eyes checked!”

Francine K.

“Dr. de Sabra has been my ophthalmologist for many years. She and the team at Broberg Eye Care are thorough and very caring. I have always appreciated her care and very reassuring and calm manner. Their COVID-19 precautions are also very good.”

Louise J.

“Great practice with amazing, friendly and and efficient staff. Easy to get an appointment. Dr. Broberg is a highly qualified ophthalmologist with excellent bedside manners. I strongly recommend this practice.”

Med F.

“Dr. de Sabra is outstanding.  She is personable, understanding, explains things well and offers practical solutions like using different readers instead of paying for a prescription.  Her tech, Brianna was so efficient, nice, and really good at all the eye drops and tests.  I had no problem with office staff and highly recommend this practice.”

Kathleen S.

“Dr. Settle is the best! Backtrack 4 years ago, I went for a scratched cornea. I saw a younger doctor, I was sent him with a medication that only made my eye feel worse. I called back and was paired with Dr. Seddle. He was so nice and confirmed that he’d prefer a different medication and within a few hours, my eye felt back to normal. I went yesterday for a different issue and he’s still just as nice, caring and not rushing you during the appointment. I suggest Dr. Settle, he’s great!”

Danielle K.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Broberg for seven years. I am a type one diabetic, so it’s critical that I have an excellent opthomalogist. Well, Dr. Broberg is just that. He’s performed two surgeries. Before I will allow anyone to operate, I must feel confident and relaxed. He did an amazing job. He is a wonderful doctor for a diabetic. He is also very thorough and cares about my well-being and health. I couldn’t ask for a better doctor.”

Christine S.

“I have seen Dr. Broberg for many years now and always thought he was a good doctor and highly recommend him. He ranks even higher in my ratings now. I recently had an eye issue – scratched cornea that very quickly turned into an infection. Eyes have a way of telling you that it is time to get to a doctor quick. I have never had such pain. Anyway, they worked me into their busy schedule – two days in a row and I am well on my way to being healed. They did a great job. I saw Dr. McGlathery – a new doctor at the practice and Dr. Broberg. I have always used an ophthalmologist for my eye exams – a good practice in my opinion. You only get one pair – take care of them.”

E. F.

“About 4 or 5 years ago my husband had an eye emergency (woke up with double vision, caused by a bad chiropractor who worked on his neck!). Dr. Broberg came in on a Sunday morning to see my husband. He was very caring, calm, not expensive and made the accurate diagnosis. He now gets all our eyecare business and never disappoints.”

Janlee A.

“Love going to this office.  The staff is always professional, efficient and friendly.  Dr. Settle is the best.  He has a wonderful personality and takes his time explaining and answering all my questions. He has gotten me through some complications with a sense of confidence and obvious competence in his field.  He works hand in hand with another specialist I am seeing to provide the best eye care I could ever hope for.”

Christine S.

“Excellent care on all levels. Care is delivered in an efficient, but supportive manner with time for education and attention to concerns. The office staff are wonderful, always courteous, efficient and friendly. I feel blessed I received this referral from a friend as I was searching for a practice just like this one.”

Elizabeth V.

“Excellent experience. Very thorough and efficient. Dr. de Sabra spent time explaining the results of my tests and answering my questions. I will continue to see her and the Broberg practice.”

Cate H.

“I felt secure working with the physician and staff. They were professional, courteous and Dr. de Sabra was patient and clear with the diagnosis. I recommend them highly.”

Beverly C.

“I went to Broberg EyeCare after researching and being told I would not be a candidate for any vision correction. Dr. McGlathery was thorough and explained what I could and could not have done and gave me hope. The receptionist and l the technicians were awesome and thorough. I would like to say to Sara (check out) I overheard a conversation and the patience and calmness she displayed was amazing. She handled the call very gracefully and did not get upset. Sara you are amazing.”

Shauni L.

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