At Broberg Eye Care, we are known for offering the latest in personalized eye care and advanced non-laser eye surgery and laser eye surgery, including blade-free custom LASIK. However, as part of our mission to offer a comprehensive range of eye care procedures, we also provide treatment for common eye injuries of all types. We want you to think of Broberg Eye Care as your practice of choice for all of your eye care needs, whatever they may be.

We treat virtually all common eye injuries at our Austin eye care practice, from trauma to penetrating injuries.  Our experienced vision care experts also provide treatment for rare eye injuries. The bottom line is this: If you injure your eye and require care, we can accommodate you.

Furthermore, if there is even a question in your mind that you might require care for an eye injury, do not lose a moment trying to diagnose your condition on your own. Even an injury that seems relatively harmless on its face can cause severe long-term or even permanent damage to your vision if left untreated. It is better to seek treatment and not need it than to leave an injury untreated and end up regretting your decision.

We invite you take a few minutes to review the following common types of eye injuries. If you or someone you love ever suffers any of these or any other type of eye injury, please visit Broberg Eye Care as soon as possible.

The Most Typical Eye Injuries

At Broberg Eye Care, we treat the full range of eye injuries, including:

  • Eye trauma: Blows to the eye can cause injuries ranging from the minor to the severe. The possible causes of eye trauma are too numerous to list here; however, they can occur either as a result of an accident or as a result of deliberate violence. Damage from eye trauma can involve the eye itself, the bony socket that protects the eye, and surrounding tissues, making immediate treatment essential.
  • Exposure to chemicals: This is one of the most common and potentially harmful types of eye injuries. Exposure even to supposedly safe consumer chemicals, such as household cleaning products, can burn the eyes. Once again, immediate treatment is essential.
  • Injuries that penetrate the eye: The eye is remarkably fragile; when it is penetrated by glass or another sharp object, the temptation to remove that object is understandably high. However, only a trained medical expert should remove an object that penetrates the eye – once again making immediate treatment essential.
  • Scratching of the cornea: Whether by accident or by intentional act, the cornea can be scratched by one’s fingernails; it can also be scratched during an outdoor activity or during an athletic event. Corneal scratches can lead to serious vision problems if not properly treated.

Learn More about Common Eye Injuries

To learn more about common eye injuries and how our vision care experts can treat them, please contact Broberg Eye Care today.