Myopia vs. Hyperopia vs. Presbyopia

Did you know that only 35% of people have perfect (20/20) vision? Unfortunately, that leaves the majority of us with less than perfect vision. And even those lucky enough to enjoy perfect vision now will likely experience some degree of vision impairment with age. Thankfully, corrective measures like glasses, [...]

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Can Cataracts Come Back?

Cataracts are extremely common, affecting over 20 million Americans. In fact, one in five people over the age of 65 will experience cataracts. It makes sense, then, that cataract surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures in the country. Every year, over three million individuals in America will [...]

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Vision Imbalance after Cataract Surgery

Did you know that, if an individual needs cataract surgery in both eyes, the procedure is typically scheduled on two separate days? Ophthalmologists perform cataract surgery days or weeks apart so that a patient’s eyes have time to stabilize after each procedure. It is common for individuals to experience blurred [...]

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Taking Care of Your Eyes After Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is an extremely common surgery, and it typically takes just 10 minutes to perform. Though the surgery is simple compared to other medical procedures, it is still just as important to take care of yourself post-surgery and allow your eyes time to heal properly. As you do your [...]

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The Cost of Cataract Surgery

A number of variables play into the final cost of cataract surgery. These factors include the severity of your cataracts, the type of lens being used, geographic location, surgeon, length of post-surgery care, insurance coverage, and more. On average though, you can plan on your cataract surgery costing around $3,500 [...]

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Cooking After Cataract Surgery

If you are considering or preparing for cataract surgery, you are most likely doing everything you can to make sure you know what to expect before and after the procedure. How will recovery affect your daily tasks and routines? What can you do now to make your post-surgery life easier? [...]

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How to Prepare for Cataract Surgery

Nearly four million cataract surgeries are performed every single year. If you are planning on being one of those four million patients this year, it’s important to do everything you can to be prepared. Read a few of our tips below on preparing for cataract surgery. Do your research. First [...]

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Is Cataract Surgery Right for Me?

You’re sitting at the computer rubbing your eyes, but can’t seem to shake the cloudy vision. Driving at night has become next to impossible due to dizzying headlight glares, and your prescription glasses just don’t seem to be working anymore. You’ve chalked it up to aging. But what if the [...]

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