The Benefits of Exercise on Vision

It’s not a surprise to most of us that exercising regularly is beneficial for nearly everyone. Exercise promotes heart health, stable blood sugar, sustainable energy, weight management, better sleep, and more. On top of all of these benefits of exercise, did you know that exercising can actually benefit your vision [...]

March 31st, 2021|Eye Care|

Treatment Options for Dry Eyes

According to the National Eye Institute, nearly 16 million Americans suffer from chronic dry eyes. Dry eyes can lead to a variety of unwelcome symptoms, including itchy eyes, watery eyes, red eyes, stinging eyes, sensitive eyes, blurry vision, and more. When left untreated, severe dry eyes can damage your cornea(s). [...]

February 23rd, 2021|Eye Care|

How Do Screens Affect Vision

Did you know that Americans spend an average of 11 hours a day looking at some type of screen? That’s almost half of an entire day! Maybe that surprises you, but most likely, it doesn’t. Screens are a normal part of our lives. Many of us need them for work, [...]

January 6th, 2021|Eye Care|

Should I wait until after pregnancy to have LASIK?

Many people describe LASIK eye surgery as a life changing procedure. For people who have lived all or even most of their lives dependent on glasses or contact lenses for better vision, opening their eyes first thing in the morning and seeing clearly is truly incredible. In past blog posts, [...]

December 16th, 2020|Eye Care|

What is Blue Light?

Many of us know about UVA and UVB rays and the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes from them. Because so many of us spend time outside every day (even if we're just driving), we want to do everything we can to prevent damage to our eyes. Similarly, [...]

November 18th, 2020|Eye Care|

The Best Contacts for Patients with Astigmatisms

Astigmatisms are fairly common, with an estimated 33% of the United States’ population having astigmatism in one or both eyes. Astigmatism can occur in two places within the eye: the cornea and the lens. A corneal astigmatism occurs when the cornea isn’t evenly curved. Similarly, a lenticular astigmatism occurs when [...]

September 17th, 2020|Eye Care|