If you experience blurry vision when trying to focus on near or distant objects, you may be interested in undergoing a treatment that offers long-term results. Rather than just addressing its symptoms, PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, treats the actual cause of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. By adjusting the shape of the cornea, light can focus directly on the retina, thereby producing clear vision in patients. At Broberg Eye Care, Dr. Peter Broberg, Dr. Halsey Settle, and Dr. William McGlathery perform PRK screenings and discuss PRK costs with our Austin, TX patients. To find out if PRK is right for you, and how much surgery will cost in your case, contact our practice today.

PRK Surgery Price Ranges

PRK costs can vary among patients. During your PRK evaluation, we will take the following factors into account when formulating your custom price quote.

  • The type and degree of refractive error: Patients with higher degrees of refractive error may require a more complex surgery, which can increase the cost of treatment. In addition, patients that have nearsightedness or farsightedness with astigmatism may see prices on the higher end of the range.
  • Traditional vs. custom PRK: Patients have the option of undergoing custom wavefront PRK. This technology creates a more detailed map of your eyes, allowing us to correct lower aberrations (known as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism), as well as the higher order aberrations that affect the quality of vision (such as glare and halos). The use of custom wavefront technology does increase the price of PRK surgery.
  • Anesthesia: Generally, we use a local anesthetic during PRK surgery. If you desire increased sedation, such as the use of an oral medication to relieve anxiety or general anesthesia, it will increase the cost of treatment.
  • Health insurance: In most cases, medical insurance does not cover the cost of LASIK surgery since it is considered elective. However, some plans do offer partial coverage. We would be happy to check your plan to see if any costs are covered.

PRK Surgery Payment Options

While PRK surgery costs less than a lifetime worth of glasses and contact lenses, it does require a more substantial initial investment. We accept several payment options so patients can cover the price of treatment.

  • Cash and checks: For your convenience, we accept cash and checks as payment for PRK surgery.
  • Credit cards: We accept credit cards as payment for PRK surgery. This method is ideal for most patients. It allows them to pay off the entire cost of treatment immediately, or break up the cost into more affordable monthly installments.
  • Financing: Instead of credit cards, patients can apply for a financing plan to pay for PRK. This option also allows patients to pay off PRK with monthly payments. If patients can find a plan with no interest or low interest, this can be a great option.

To find out if you are a good candidate for PRK, and to get your personalized price quote, contact Broberg Eye Care today. We will schedule your PRK screening at your earliest convenience.