Broberg Eye Care is one of the leading providers of LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures in the greater Austin area. LASIK is a safe and effective laser eye surgerythat can reduce your dependence on corrective lenses and significantly improve your vision. It’s a great means of treating refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Let’s take a moment right now to see how LASIK may be helpful in treating farsightedness.

About Farsightedness (Hyperopia)

Farsightedness refers to the inability to see objects that are nearby clearly whereas objects that are at a distance are easy to see. This may be the result of problems with the lens of the eye, the cornea, or both. This condition is the opposite of nearsightedness (myopia).

Farsightedness is caused by the improper focus of light passing through the eyes. Rather than the light focusing on the retina (the light-sensitive tissue located at the back of the eye), the light is focused behind the retina.

LASIK as a Treatment for Farsightedness

LASIK is a good treatment option for farsightedness if the vision issue is the result of a refractive error. In other words, LASIK can treat your farsightedness if the farsightedness is a result of a misshapen cornea. LASIK surgery will reshape the corneal tissue so that light properly focuses on the retina.

If your farsightedness is related to the shape or curvature of your lens, LASIK is generally not an ideal option for treatment.

How effective is LASIK for treating farsightedness?

LASIK is quite effective at treating farsightedness related to corneal contour. The vast majority of LASIK patients achieve roughly 20/40 vision or better, which means that they no longer require eyeglasses or contact lenses in order to see clearly. With the advent of new wavefront scanning techniques and other technology, the likelihood of LASIK success has continued to increase, meaning even better results are possible for the LASIK patient of today.

Presbyopia: Age-Related Farsightedness

Another form of farsightedness to consider is presbyopia. Presbyopia is an age-related form of farsightedness that is caused by the loss of flexibility of the lens of the eye and/or the weakening of the muscles that help control the lens of the eye. When this occurs, it becomes more difficult to see objects that are up close.

Presbyopia is an unpreventable part of the natural aging process, and it tends to begin around the 40s, getting worse as people approach their 60s. Early signs of presbyopia include:

  • Eyestrain while reading
  • The need for brighter lights while reading
  • Noticeable changes in vision quality with printed material
  • Frequent squinting to see nearby objects

Monovision LASIK as a Treatment for Presbyopia

Even though presbyopia affects the lenses of the eye, a form of LASIK can be used to treat presbyopia. This is known as monovision LASIK. During monovision LASIK, one eye is treated for near vision while the other is treated for distance vision. This helps improve overall vision for the patient, addressing issues with presbyopia.

Alternatives to LASIK for Treating Farsightedness

If LASIK is not a viable treatment option for you, there are other surgical and non-surgical solutions that may be ideal for you.

In terms of surgical alternatives, LASEK and PRK may be worth considering. These refractive surgeries also reshape the cornea with safe surgical lasers, though the process is slightly different. Sometimes the replacement of the natural lens of the eye is recommended to address farsightedness, which means the surgical placement of an intraocular lens (IOL).

For non-surgical solutions, the best option is prescription glasses and contacts. (For presbyopia, bifocals or two pairs of glasses may be recommended.) An optometrist can work closely with you to help you get the best possible lenses for your needs.

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