Glasses and contact lenses offer patients with vision impairment the ability to enjoy the clear vision that so many others have naturally. However, for all the benefits that prescription lenses offer, they can be a real hassle to care for and maintain. Fortunately, with the advanced laser vision technology available today, most patients can say good-bye to prescription eyewear.

LASIK surgery reshapes the cornea to eliminate imperfections that cause nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK has an extremely high success rate and results in well over 90 percent of LASIK patients achieving 20/20 vision or better. There are many factors that contribute to the success of LASIK surgery at Broberg Eye Care, and one is the quality care that patients receive after their LASIK treatment.

In the weeks and months following LASIK, we will schedule a series of post-op LASIK appointments for our Austin, TX patients. These appointments allow us to monitor each patient’s recovery to further ensure the success of treatment.

Post-op LASIK Appointment Schedule

At Broberg Eye Care, our doctors personalize each patient’s treatment plan to best meet their unique needs. As a result, the exact post-op LASIK appointment schedule is likely to vary slightly from patient to patient. However, we aim to see patients several times throughout their LASIK recovery. Below is a general post-op LASIK appointment schedule:

  • The day after surgery: The first post-op LASIK appointment is nearly always scheduled for the day after surgery. Most patients experience an immediate improvement in their vision following LASIK treatment, and this appointment allows us to determine just how much the vision has improved. In most cases, patients are given the okay to begin driving at the completion of this appointment.
  • A month after treatment: We typically check on patients again around a month after LASIK treatment. By this point, most patients will be free of side effects and we can get a better idea of how successful LASIK treatment has been.
  • Three months post-LASIK: Within three months of LASIK surgery, vision should have completely stabilized. An eye exam at this appointment can tell us whether optimal vision has been achieved. In most cases, patients no longer need prescription lenses.
  • Six months post-op: Many patients do not experience any lingering side effects or complications once LASIK recovery is complete. However, we like to check on patients around six months out from surgery just to ensure that vision is still stable.
  • A year after treatment: At a year after treatment, we like to schedule patients for a final post-op LASIK appointment. Although this is the last official “post-op” appointment, we will continue to see patients on a yearly basis for their routine eye exam.

Benefits of Post-op Appointments

In most cases, patients recover from LASIK surgery without any complications. However, by monitoring each patient’s recovery, we can further ensure the success of LASIK treatment. Additionally, in the rare case that LASIK complications do develop, these appointments allow us to detect and treat them early on so that the ultimate results of surgery are not compromised.

Schedule an Appointment

LASIK surgery provides those with vision impairment the most effective and long-lasting treatment for a wide range of refractive errors. If you are looking to improve your vision for good and would like to learn if you are an ideal candidate for LASIK, schedule an appointment with one of the experienced eye doctors at Broberg Eye Care at your earliest convenience.