Are you one of the millions of Americans that could potentially benefit from LASIK surgery, but you are concerned that the cost of the procedure might put it out of your reach? If so, you may be pleased to learn that there are several options that can help to make LASIK more affordable for patients on nearly any budget. Among the most popular of these options are Flexible Spending Accounts, or FSAs.

At Broberg Eye Care, our experienced team of eye care professionals strives to make our services as affordable as possible without compromising the quality of our care or the safety of our valued patients. We believe that LASIK surgery of the highest standard should be accessible to as many patients as possible, without their having to break the bank, so to speak. At our laser vision correction center in Austin, LASIK and FSAs combine to help make this ideal a reality.

If you are interested in opening an FSA to cover part or all of the cost of your LASIK procedure, speak to your employer today.

How do FSAs work?

An FSA is a benefit program that many employers now offer to their employees as a means of supplementing their conventional health insurance plans. Because most health insurance plans do not cover elective procedures, FSAs are set up to provide funds for such procedures. Employees can have up to $2,500 of their salaries set aside per benefit period in their FSAs for use at any time to cover part or all of the cost of approved treatments.

Custom bladeless LASIK is just one of the advanced procedures available at Broberg Eye Care that can be covered by an FSA. Funds can also be used to help cover the cost of the premium, multifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) that are used to replace the eyes’ natural lenses during cataract surgery. They can also be used to cover costs associated with other elective healthcare procedures, from chiropractic treatment to hearing assistance devices.

What are the advantages of opening an FSA?

There are many advantages to setting up an FSA to cover the cost of your LASIK treatment, including:

  • Tax benefits: Your contributions to your FSA will be taken out of your pre-tax income. As a result, you will get to keep more of the money you have worked hard to earn.
  • No debt: Whatever money you take out of your FSA to cover the cost of LASIK will not have to be paid back to a third party. It’s your money, free and clear.
  • Any member of your family can use it: Perhaps your spouse is also considering LASIK. If so, he or she can also use funds from your FSA to cover the cost of treatment.
  • Use some or all of the funds available to you: Let’s say that you would prefer to pay for your LASIK treatment using several different methods, including your FSA. That’s no problem at all. You can combine your FSA funds with other payment methods, using as little or as much as you wish.

Learn More about FSAs and LASIK

To learn more about FSAs and LASIK, we urge you to contact Broberg Eye Care today.