By their very nature, emergencies hit us when we least expect them. While we cannot control when emergencies occur, we can try to be as prepared as possible when they do occur, especially for those medical emergencies that could change our lives forever. When it comes to emergencies involving the eye, we at Broberg Eye Care would like for you to consider our practice to be your eye care center of choice for all your vision related needs, including eye emergencies.

At Broberg Eye Care in Austin, emergency eye care services are available to our valued patients, in addition to a comprehensive range of premier eye treatments, from blade-free custom LASIK to cataract surgery. Whatever the nature of your emergency, we can help to preserve the health of your eyes and prevent the loss of your precious vision.

What constitutes an eye emergency?

When it comes to health of your eyes, the old saying “better safe than sorry” absolutely comes into play. If you or a friend or family member has even the slightest suspicion that there is an emergency involving the eyes, it is best to seek immediate treatment. Time is of the essence; the longer you wait to have your eyes treated, the more likely the risk of permanent damage becomes.

The Broberg Eye Care team is highly trained to handle virtually any type of emergency involving the eye. We urge you to visit our eye care center immediately if you experience:

  • Eye pain in either or both eyes
  • A blow to either or both eyes
  • Partial or complete loss of vision
  • Sudden sensitivity to light
  • Redness accompanied by pain
  • Dimming of the vision
  • A loss of color perception
  • Clouded vision
  • A foreign object that enters your eye
  • The sudden appearance of floaters
  • Steam or chemical burns
  • Swelling of either or both eyes
  • Double vision
  • Flashes of light across your field of vision
  • One pupil that is larger than the other
  • Bleeding in the eye

Your eyes are your body’s most sensitive and vulnerable organs. If you experience any of the above eye emergencies, you should not attempt to resolve them on your own. Doing so could actually make the situation worse and lead to long-term or permanent damage to your eye, including possible vision loss. Only an experienced eye care professional should ever perform any type of emergency procedure involving your eyes.

The objective of emergency eye care is twofold: to resolve the emergency and to alleviate pain. Resolving the emergency includes doing whatever is necessary to salvaging the health of your eye and preventing further damage. Any non-urgent treatments that are necessary can be performed at another time, after a thorough evaluation has been conducted.

Learn More about Our Emergency Eye Care Services

If you would like to learn more about our emergency eye care services, please contact Broberg Eye Care today. If you or someone you love is experiencing an actual eye emergency, please call us at (512) 447-6096.