LASIK has come a considerably long way since its introduction onto the American market in the late 90s. At Broberg Eye Care in Austin, custom LASIK represents the current pinnacle of laser eye surgery technology, providing a safer, more effective version of LASIK than ever before available.

This isn’t to say that it hasn’t always been safe and effective, but the traditional version of the procedure does have its limitations. While it is able to treat the common visual errors hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism, it is not able to correct higher order aberrations. Higher order aberrations include those minute flaws in the shape of the cornea that are highly unique to each individual eye. They are beyond the measure of standard eye tests, and historically cannot be corrected by glasses, contact lenses, or eye surgery – including traditional LASIK.

As a result of the limitations of traditional LASIK, some patients experienced visual side effects, one of the most common of which was impaired night vision. Fortunately, custom LASIK helps to dramatically reduce the risk of poor night vision. Whether you are undergoing LASIK for the first time, or you have previously undergone the traditional version of the procedure and want to improve your night vision, custom LASIK offers a potentially ideal solution.

What Is Custom LASIK?

Custom LASIK uses extraordinarily precise wavefront technology to create a detailed map of the eye. This map contains even the tiniest flaws in the shape of the cornea. The data collected during the wavefront mapping process is used to guide the excimer laser during the surgical reshaping of the cornea. As a result, these tiny higher order aberrations are corrected, and acuity of vision is restored.

How Does Custom LASIK Help to Ensure Clear Night Vision?

Custom LASIK substantially reduces the risk of poor night vision, as well as other potential side effects associated with traditional LASIK such as glare and halos. These visual abnormalities sometimes result from traditional LASIK because higher order aberrations remain even after the primary visual error – nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism – has been addressed.

Can Someone Who Has Already Undergone Traditional LASIK Undergo Custom LASIK?

One of the advantages of LASIK is that, although the alterations made to the cornea during the surgery are permanent, further reshaping of the cornea is always possible. Many patients who underwent traditional LASIK in the past are good candidates for retreatment with custom LASIK. In many cases, custom LASIK can help to resolve issues with night vision that resulted from the original LASIK surgery.

Learn More about Custom LASIK

At Broberg Eye Care, we use the most advanced technologies and techniques to produce the best possible results for our patients. We carefully screen potential candidates for custom LASIK to ensure that they are likely to derive optimal benefits from the procedure. This also helps us to make sure that those who undergo LASIK are unlikely to suffer from undesirable side effects such as poor night vision. For further information about custom LASIK for poor night vision, please contact our laser eye care center today.