Cataract surgery is a simple, widely-practiced surgery that changes lives. It restores cloudy, declining vision to clear, improved vision. Moving forward with any surgery is a big decision, so it’s important to ask your eye doctor the right questions beforehand.

If you’re considering cataract surgery, be sure to ask your ophthalmologist these 5 questions.

1. Is now the right time?
Ask your eye doctor if cataract surgery is something you need to consider right now, or in the future. He or she will be able to provide sound advice regarding when the right time for cataract surgery might be.

2. What will the procedure be like?
There are several types of cataract surgery; ask your doctor which one suits your case best. Will your procedure use a laser? How long will it last? Will you be awake the whole time? Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a clear idea of what the surgery will be like. At Broberg, we offer both traditional and laser-assisted cataract surgery.

3. What are the possible complications?
While the vast majority of cataract surgery patients don’t experience complications from cataract surgery, any surgical procedure has risks. It’s important to discuss the possible risks of cataract surgery with your eye doctor. Cataract surgery complications are extremely rare, but working with a respected, experienced surgeon can further reduce your risks. The professionals at Broberg Eye Care are here to provide you with the best eye care solutions.

4. When will I notice results?
We advise that patients will begin to notice improved vision within one week, and completely restored vision within one month. Every patient is different, so talk to your doctor about the different progress timelines your might experience after surgery. This will give you realistic expectations for when to expect restored vision.

5. Will I need it again?
Talk to your ophthalmologist about what life after cataract surgery looks like. Is there a chance you will experience cloudy vision again? Will you need glasses or contacts down the road? While every patient and every case is different, it’s important to know the possibilities of what may or may not happen in the future.

If you have more questions about cataracts or cataract surgery, check out our cataract FAQs. And if you’re considering cataract surgery and are in search of an eye doctor to discuss any of the questions above, we’d love to talk. ​Schedule a consultation with one of our ​board-certified ophthalmologists today.